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Free AVG Antivirus

Presently, AVG Anti-Virus Free 2014 is the best anti virus program in the market. AVG antivirus gives you a lot of premium features which have made it popular among users from all around the world. Besides being a full version anti virus, it also has anti spyware engines and automatic background updating. AVG Free Antivirus ensures that it is up to date so that latest threats and risks can not harm your computer. Moreover, since it is updated in the background, none of your work is disrupted. AVG antivirus updates and scans your computer when you are away from it. On the other hand, it runs on a low priority mode when you are working. AVG Anti-Virus Free 2014 constantly protects your computer from all kinds of viruses and threats. Moreover, you get on-access and resident protection free. This actually means that AVG Anti-Virus Free 2014 can replace most of the other companies in the market because of its up to date technology and no cost. A free download is available on the Internet.

Here are some reasons why AVG Anti-Virus Free 2014 is popular all around the world :

  • AVG provides on-access protection from viruses, malware, adware and spyware. This means that your computer is always protected from viruses and all other kinds of threats. AVG ensures that you do not have to worry about any risks or threats related to your computer. The best part is that AVG runs silently in the background. It runs on a low priority mode when you are using your computer. This way your computer does not slow down and your work is not disrupted. AVG scans your computer only when you are away and not working.
  • AVG is automatically updated from time to time so that your computer is always free from any risks and threats. Due to the updates, AVG is able to protect your computer from all kinds of latest threats like viruses, worms, trojans etc. This way your computer is always protected and you do not have to manually update your software every now and then.
  • AVG Anti virus also has a game mode which you can use while you are playing any games. The antivirus program will run in the background silently and will not slow down your computer. It will also not give any notifications while you are playing games. The silent mode ensures that there are no disruptions while you have a wonderful gaming experience.
  • AVG Anti virus also includes LinkScanner which ensures that your computer is not harmed by any malicious software or websites. LinkScanner will give safety ratings to different websites in real time. This means that it will stop you from visiting any malicious website even before you have opened the web page. In the same way, it will filter search results which it considers to be unsafe.
  • The best is part is that AVG Anti-Virus Free 2014 is a user friendly software which is very easy to install. It works on all major Microsoft Windows platforms like Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista and others.
....Internet Security

AVG Internet Security is probably the best anti virus in the market as it provides you with multiple layer protection. It not only protects your computer when your are online, but also makes sure that your computer is protected when you are offline. With AVG Internet Security, you do not have to worry about identity theft, viruses or any harmful sites.

AVG Protective Cloud Technology and AVG Community Protection Network are included. This means that the program collects latest data about any threats and shares it with the whole community to make sure you receive total protection. Here are some of the features of AVG Internet Security.

Block Hackers And Identity Thieves

AVG Internet security completely protects you when you are shopping or banking on the Internet. Computer and Internet security is quite vital in such areas as you will be using your private and confidential information. Appropriate network security will ensure that no one is able to steal your data. AVG Internet security’s features like web security and computer internet security give you a safe experience while surfing the Internet.

  • AVG Enhanced Firewall
  • AVG Identity Protection

Keep Messaging Free Of Spam, Worms And Scams

With AVG Internet Security, you can easily keep your inbox clean of spam and unwanted advertisements. This will protect you from any sort of phishing scams along with harmful viruses that may be present in these ads. AVG Internet security also protects you when you are sharing any files on instant chat applications like Yahoo messenger or MSN.

  • AVG Anti-Spam
  • AVG Online Shield
  • AVG Email Scanner

Safe Searcht The Web

Every person wants to search the web and avoid any dangerous or infected websites. AVG keeps you away from any kinds of threats that may harm your computer. Programs like AVG LinkScanner show safety rating whenever you are surfing on the web or searching something. This way you have an idea about all the dangerous websites and can avoid clicking their links. In the same way, LinkScanner checks all the web pages in real time. Hence, it prevents you from visiting any harmful website and keeps you safe while surfing the Internet.

  • LinkScanner Search-Shield
  • LinkScanner Surf-Shield

Share Your Life On Facebook, Not Viruses (AVG Social Networking Protection)

AVG Internet Security ensures that each web page and link is checked for safety. Therefore, while using AVG Internet Security you are always sure that your computer is safe. AVG social networking protection makes sure that you can chat and message your friends on Facebook and other social networking websites without risking the status of your computer. It makes sure that you do not pick up any malicious links from your friends on Facebook. Moreover, even you will not be sending such links to anyone.

AVG Social Networking Protection is a very powerful program which is exclusive in the market. It comes with only AVG Internet Security. All the links shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites are checked in real time. This ensures that you and your friends have a safe and wonderful web experience.


Most of the people rely on AVG for online protection. However AVG provides you many more benefits along with Home and Internet security. AVG is not just an antivirus for PC. It can also enhance the speed of your computer. AVG PC Tuneup not only gives you PC security, but also fixes all kinds of problems that slow down your computer. AVG PC Tuneup makes sure that you get the most out of your PC. AVG is considered to be the best antivirus because it not only protects you from threats, but also ensures maximum efficiency of your computer.

Here are some of the features of AVG PC Tuneup :

Faster Internet Speed

With AVG PC Tuneup, you can easily fine tune your computer’s Internet settings. This will help you in maximizing your speed online. AVG PC Tuneup has a feature known as Internet Optimizer which evaluates your computer’s internet connection settings. Once it has done evaluated these settings, it will tweak them to increase your internet connection speed and enhance performance. Finally, there will be decreased lags and no unwanted interruptions.

No Freezing And Crashing

Most of the time, a computer’s overall speed slows down because of corrupted and cluttered registries that usually consume memory, slow down applications and cause over stability problems. However, registry cleaner can easily solve all these problems by scanning and removing temporary, duplicate and junk files. All these files consume disk space and once removed, your computer does not freeze or crash. Moreover, registry cleaner also scans your registry to check and repair any other issues related to freezing and crashing.

Maximize Disk Speeds

AVG PC Tuneup optimizes your file system and makes sure that you get the most out of your computer’s hard drive. It ensures faster disk speeds which ultimately results in your computer’s enhanced performance. Disk fragmenter is used to recognize all the files on your disks which can be read and written with an increased speed. Disk fragmenter optimizes your computer’s overall performance by optimizing response time and system boot speed. Windows Registry Defragmenter cleans your Windows registry by rewriting it, eliminating fragmentation, slack spaces and structural defects.


With AVG PC Tuneup, you can easily clear all history of your online and offline activities. This makes sure that your privacy is protected. A feature known as Track eraser removes all records of files or documents that you opened or the programs that you were running whenever you were using your computer offline or online.

Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

With AVG PC Tuneup, you can easily recover all the files that you accidentally deleted. File recovery will restore all the important files that were damaged or accidentally deleted by you. These may be photos, documents or even videos.

Permanently Delete Files

If you do not want any of your data to get into wrong hands, you can permanently delete files and ensure that they can never be restored or accessed without your permission. You can use file shredder or disk wiper to clean your hard drives. Remember to turn off System restore while doing so. This way no copies of your files will be created and they will be gone forever.

AVG Email Server Edition

AVG Email Server Edition 2014 is an award winning security software which acts as an antivirus and anti spyware program. This is an antivirus for email servers to protect your computer from viruses and other threats which may spread through your email network. There are times when you have a basic antivirus installed in your computer, but do not have any protection against threats which affect your email network. During such times, AVG E-mail security is the best option for you. AVG Email Server Edition 2014 also includes some new feature. These include anti spam controls and additional up to date technology which protects your mail server against any sort of threats from unsafe websites. AVG security includes a lot of different features to protect your computer against any sort of threats. Some of these have been mentioned below :

  • Centralized anti-spam prevents hackers and spammers from clogging your mail servers. This means that your computer runs faster when you are using Internet
  • File Server protection which prevents your computer from malware and does not let it spread across your network
  • Smart scanning allows all your servers to run at peak efficiency
  • Automated Security Updates is a necessary feature that enhances security monitoring and reporting

AVG Email Server Edition 2014 ensures that your business is running smoothly. It keeps your file server free from any viruses, spyware, trojans, worms and other sort of threats. The various features of AVG Email Server Edition 2014 have been mentioned below :

  • Email Scanner - Email scanner ensures that your mail server is clean at all times. It cleans your server of any harmful attachments that may harm your computer. It also makes sure that there are no dangerous links.
  • Anti Spam - The anti spam feature prevents your server from phishers, spammers and hackers. It protects your computer and prevents spammers from clogging your servers. This ensures enhanced efficiency at a higher speed.
  • Web Shield - This feature ensures that the exchange of files and downloading are safe and your computer is not at any sort of risk. Moreover, it prevent your email server from any sort of rogue software infections.
  • LinkScanner surf shield - Surf shield ensures that the web page you are about to visit is safe. It checks a web page in real time and displays results about the safety of that particular web page.
  • LinkScanner search shield - Search shield applies safety ratings to different search engines like Google, Bing/MSN and Yahoo search results.
  • Phishing protection - Phishing protection makes sure that the web pages you are about to open are exactly what they appear to be. AVG Email Server Edition 2014 is very easy to install as well as manage. It is efficient in protecting your critical business data from any sort of threats. It is up to date with extra strength removal technology which ensures that even the toughest and most sophisticated threats can be easily handled. AVG Security makes sure that your business is always protected against all kinds of online and offline threats. Moreover, you can have free assistance whenever you need it.
AVG File Server Edition

AVG File Server Edition 2014 is an antivirus for Windows File Servers which protects your network from viruses and other threats. AVG File Server Security is also used for anti spyware protection. AVG File Server Edition 2014 is the best choice if you have a basic antivirus on your workstations, but do not have a specific program to protect your critical business data. AVG File Server Edition 2014 is up to date with additional technology that protects your computer against all kinds of threats and unsafe websites. Some of the new key features of AVG File Server Security have been mentioned below :

  • AVG File Server Edition 2014 is a very high performance virus scanner which protects your computer without disrupting your business activities
  • This program includes LinkScanner which keeps your critical data safe from any malicious websites
  • AVG File Server Edition 2014 protects your server against phishing attacks. This ensures that you do not click an unsafe links while surfing the Internet
  • Remote administration makes sure that security incidents are easily deployed and managed
  • The best part is that AVG provides round the clock free technical support so that all your problems are instantly solved

In order to run your business smoothly and for the efficiency of all your business activities, it is necessary that your file servers are protected at all times.

Here we will go through some advanced features that AVG File Server Edition 2014 provides :

  • AVG File Server Edition 2014 gives you multiple layers of protection which protects your business from tough threats
  • AVG Protective Cloud Technology, Antivirus, Anti-Spyware and Smart Anti-Rootkit technology make sure that your file server is from all kinds of threats when you are surfing the Internet
  • AVG runs on the concept of smart scanning which saves your valuable time
  • AVG File Server Edition 2014 scans your computer when you are not working. On the other hand, it runs on a low priority when your computer is busy. This makes sure that your computer is not slow and your work is not disrupted
  • AVG File Server Edition 2014 is equipped with AVG Community Protection Network. This program provides latest information about all kinds of threats from around the world. People participating in the community protection program provide information about these threats so that your antivirus program can update its database.
  • AVG Community Protection Network is like and online neighbourhood watch program. It connects people from around the world and makes sure that they help each other by sharing information about latest threats. This information is collected from the people who participate in this program and sign up for the product improvement program. This makes sure that everyone receives the best protection
  • Remote administration console is an enhanced feature in AVG File Server Edition 2014. This program installs and deploys all security incidents across your network
  • Remote administration can be easily customized according to your own needs and preferences. It is a easy to use remote administration console which lets you control remote installation, deployment and management of your total business network security. Moreover, it does not matter where your employees are located. This program provides you with total security all the time.
AVG Mobile Antivirus

Mobiles devices also face the same threats as your computer. It is always best to install an antivirus for mobile to keep your device protected. When we talk about the best mobile antivirus, there is nothing better than AVG Mobile Antivirus. AVG Mobilation Antivirus is an antivirus for Android which fights viruses and malware to keep your mobile device protected. Moreover, this program also has some added features which protect your device against loss and theft. AVG Mobilation Antivirus has the ability to track and control your mobile device in case it is stolen or lost. This program is user friendly and easy to use on all different version of Android OS, v2.0 onwards. AVG Mobilation Antivirus ensures total mobile security.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of AVG Mobilation Antivirus :

Protection Of Your Smartphone Against Theft Or Loss

AVG Mobilation Antivirus protects your smartphone in case you lose it or if it is stolen. Once you face such a situation, you can easily locate your phone by using a tracker. Moreover, you can even send an onscreen message which increases your chances of retrieving your phone. The best part is that even if your phone is stolen or lost, you do not have to worry about your sensitive data. You can keep all your data safe by locking it or wiping it. AVG Mobilation Antivirus is the best program that will relieve some stress in case your mobile device is separated from you.

Keep Your Personal Data Safe At All Times

With AVG Mobilation Antivirus, you can always keep your data safe. You can easily use your mobile phone to make calls, download video, apps or surf the Internet while knowing that all your data is safe and protected from any kinds of threats. Most of us use a lot of different apps on Android and some of these maybe from untrusted manufacturers. App scanner makes sure that all your apps are scanned before they are installed on your smartphone. The same happens when we are using any suspicious files. File scanner makes sure that all our files are free of any virus or malicious software. This keeps your phone protected from viruses, malware, adware etc. The best part is that you can use settings scanner to check if someone has tampered the settings of your phone. With AVG Mobilation Antivirus, you can also surf the web without being at risk from dangerous programs and websites.

Keep Messaging Free Of Scams

Most of the times, we get a lot of messages from spammers. Some are related to marketing while others are attempts to pull a scam. AVG Mobilation Antivirus makes sure that your mobile phone is free from any such messages. SMS Filtering feature makes sure that only authentic and necessary messages are passed on to your mailbox. All unwanted messages are filtered and you do not have to go through the trouble of erasing them.

Better Performance

AVG Mobilation Antivirus enhances your battery and storage performance. It also successfully monitors your data plan usage to keep it under a check. Features like Task Killer and Tune Up help in optimizing the performance of your smartphone.

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