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AVG anti virus is a full version software program which provides total security to your computer from any kind of viruses and online threats. AVG anti virus is probably the best anti virus software on the Internet these days. People from all around the world are using this software on their computers. AVG anti virus keeps your computer updated and free from any kind of threats. Moreover, AVG anti virus has premium level features which include a full version anti virus with anti spyware engines. The whole package comes at an economical cost and preferred by people because it runs in the background and does not slow down other application.

People all around the world use this program because of its fantastic features. Here are a few of them :

1) Web security - AVG link scanner is the best tool for total web security. It comes with all AVG security products. AVG link scanner protects you from malicious programs that can be hidden on any website. It completely gives you a safe web experience. Most of the threats on dangerous websites stick around for twenty four hours. This is the reason why AVG link scanner checks for threats in real time before you click on the link. This tool of AVG antivirus also tells you about safety ratings which are placed right next to your search results. This allows you to assess the overall safety of a website before visiting it. AVG 2015 anti virus is equipped with the latest edition of link scanner for maximum security against threats.

2) Community protection - AVG community protection network works in a way similar to an online neighbourhood watch. It ensures that every person in an online community is able to protect one another. People can participate in this product improvement program. Those who join this community gather information about latest threats and share them with the whole community to make sure that everyone is protected against the latest threats. The latest editions of AVG anti virus also provide you with AVG protective cloud technology. AVG carries out constant tests in order to check latest threats on the Internet. All the products are updated accordingly. This way, users get all the benefits but their work does not hamper because all the tests are done through AVG servers.

3) Social networking protection - Another benefit of using AVG is social networking protection tool. With an increase in the usage of social networking websites, threats have also increased. Links that are exchanged on Facebook and other social networking websites are monitored in real time. The best part is that AVG social networking protection is activated as soon as AVG anti virus is installed on your computer. So, there is no need for any configuration.

4) Protection of your identity - AVG identity protection is a part of all AVG security products. It ensures that your privacy and information is safe and secure. This tool identifies software and programs that behave strangely and makes sure that they do not cause any harm.

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